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     厦门大学数字媒体计算研究中心(Center for Digital Media Computing of Xiamen University)成立于 2009年6月,依托于厦门大学软件学院,致力于解决国家、社会在数字媒体产业上的重大需求。研究中 心的主要研究方向包括三维仿真与计算、数据挖掘和计算机视觉,重点从事数字化真人、三维动态全息 仿真研究、虚拟现实系统开发与应用、智能算法研究及工业过程仿真、医学图像处理、生物识别技术、 计算机视觉、模式识别、数据挖掘、情报分析等领域的研究,开展基础性、前沿性、关键性和交叉性的 研究工作,加强对外学术技术交流,促进与国际知名科研机构的合作,搭建开放式、综合性、国际化的 科研平台。研究中心现有15名教师(其中教授3名,副教授7名,助理教授4名,工程师1名)、2名博士研究生和16名硕士研究生。近年来,研究中心已主持国家科技支撑计划、国家自然科学基金、国家发改委、国家教育部、 福建省科技厅和福建省经贸委等各级项目共60余项,公开发表学术论文百余篇,其中SCI、EI收录80余篇, 获得软件著作权30余项,申请国家发明专利4项,出版学术著作8部。
     Relying on Software School of Xiamen University, Center for Digital Media Computing of Xiamen University was founded in June 2009, dedicated to meeting the significant demand in the digital media industry of the country and the society. The main research directions includes three-dimensional simulation and calculation, data mining and computer vision. The group is focusing on digital 3D dynamic holographic simulation, virtual reality, intelligent algorithm and industrial process simulation, medical image processing, biometrics, computer vision, pattern recognition, data mining, intelligence analysis, and so on. The group of center aims to carry out basic, frontier, critical and cross research work, strengthen international academic and technological exchanges, promote cooperation with internationally renowned research institutions and build an open, comprehensive, international research platform. There are fifteen teachers (including 3 professor, 7 associate professors and 4 assistant professor), 2 doctoral candidates and 16 master drgree candidates in the center. In recent years, the research group has held over 60 projects from the National Science and Technology Support Program, the National Natural Science Foundation, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Department of Fujian Province, Fujian Provincial Economic and Trade Commission, and other organizations, published over a hundred papers, including more than 80 were indexed by SCI and EI, achieved over 30 national certification of software products, applied for 4 national invention patents, and published 8 academic books.

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