Yingying She Associate professor, Master supervisor


UniversityPhD, Computer Science, Concordia University,Canada
       Master of Computer Science, Computer Science, Concordia University, Canada
       Bachelor of Science,Computer Science, Fujian Normal University, China


Human computer interaction、Robotics、Virtual reality、Game development


Qian Wang, Master Student
       Hao He, Master Student


(1) National key lab of VR technology and system, Project: Multi-modal situated cognition interaction model based on human eyes.
(2) Fujian province education department new century talent plan, Project: The research of cross-platform hand gesture recognition and interaction system based on gesture capture devices.
(3) Fujian province science and technology department,Project: The research of social media public opinion monitoring.
(4) Fujian province economic and trade commission, Project: The digital media generic technology development and platform construction.
(5) Anhui province science department, project: Energy efficiency and optimization monitoring system for copper smelting enterprise”.
(6) Xiamen science bureau, Project: Mobile education game platform.
(7) President fund of Xiamen University, Project: Multi-modal situated cognition interaction model based on human eyes.


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